• Information on IRPS Provider

    Information on IRPS Provider

    Slovenian Investment Fund Association (ZDU-GIZ)
    Čufarjeva 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Telephone: ++ 386 (0)1 430 49 18
    E-mail: arbitraza@zdu-giz.si
    Registered in the Court Business Register held by Ljubljana District Court, Entry Registration Number: 12618300
    Registration Number: 5872324
    Tax Number: SI40646629

    Organization Information on IRPS Provider

    The IRPS Provider is the permanent and independent Arbitration of the Slovenian Investment Fund Association (ZDU-GIZ).

    The Arbitration is responsible for settling disputes arising between a management company, of the one part, and investors who have invested in the management company and non-professional parties which have entered into a contractual relationship in connection with the management of financial instruments, of the other.


    Janina Golob
    M.Sc. Jana Morela
    M.Sc. Blaž Strojan
    M.Sc. Andrej Šercer
    Matjaž Titan

    The method for appointment and dismissal of Arbitrator and Arbitrator’s term of office

    The arbitrators shall be appointed and dismissed by the Management Board of ZDU-GIZ at the proposal submitted by the Council of Arbitration.
    The term of office for arbitrators shall be four years and their dismissal must not be without a reasonable cause. The arbitrators shall be dismissed by the Management Board of ZDU-GIZ at the proposal submitted by the Council of Arbitration.

    Satisfaction of statutory terms and conditions (Articles 27 and 28 of ZIsRPS)

    All arbitrators have passed the lawyer’s state examination and have professional experience within the fields of investment funds and financial instruments.

    The fee amount for the service rendered by arbitrators shall not depend on the outcome of the procedure but it is dependent on the value of the dispute (Article 13 of the Articles of Association of ZDU-GIZ).

    The arbitrators shall be independent and impartial legal experts with the expertise in the field covered by the Arbitration ZDU-GIZ.

    Date of registration in Register of IRPS Providers

    Date of registration in Register of IRPS Providers:  MGRT Decision Ref. No.  323-53/2016/-4 of  19 September 2016.

    Links to List of IRPS Providers

    List of IRPS Providers kept by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology

    European Commission’s web site

    Networks of providers of out-of-court settlement regarding cross-border consumer disputes operating in the European Union and in which takes part

    The Arbitration ZDU-GIZ currently does not take part in any network yet.

    The procedural assumptions to be satisfied by a request for IRPS procedure

    Every request for the initiation of the procedure before the Arbitration must be complete (Article 12 of the Rules of Arbitration ZDU-GIZ), and the charge in the amount of EUR 20 must be paid. The charge shall be transferred to the transaction account of ZDU-GIZ No. : SI56 0201 0001 3108 061.
    The request for the initiation of procedure may be rejected on the basis of grounds stipulated in Article 14 of the Rules of Arbitration ZDU-GIZ.

    Is there a possibility for a claimant and respondent to withdraw from the IRPS procedure?

    After the explicit written consent for the hearing of the dispute before the Arbitration submitted by both a claimant and a respondent, the withdrawal from the procedure is not possible.

    Is the Procedure before Arbitration oral or in writing?

    In principle, the procedure before the Arbitration is both oral and in writing.

    The average length time of IRPS procedure

    From the receipt of a complete request, the procedure lasts for up to 90 days.

    Legal effects of the outcome of the procedure and the legal consequences of the procedure for a claimant or a respondent who fails to satisfy the decision

    The arbitration procedure is completed by issuing a binding arbitration award which has legal effect for both parties and is enforceable by the court.

    The method of enforcing the award by IRPS Provider, where necessary

    The legally binding arbitration award may be enforced through the court in accordance with the applicable law. When the arbitration award is declared enforceable by the court, the enforcement is carried out by the court.

    The Request for Arbitration Procedure
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